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Jenny has always wanted a salon of her own. When she was attending hair school at The Lab Paul Mitchell Partner school, her dad always told her she should open her own salon once she was an established hair stylist. After doing hair for over 11 years, she finally felt like she was ready to go for it. Everything fell into place and she was able to open Spellbound Salon. This salon is what she has been searching for, for a very long time. She always excelled in art and now being an owner of her own salon, feels she can express her true love for the art of color and hair styling. Spellbound Salon is a perfect fit for Jenny and her personality, her and her family came together to help make her vision come to life. Jenny is dedicating this salon to her father who passed away in June 2014. 


"spellbound ; adjective : bound by or as if by a spell enchanted, entranced, or fascinated:"


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