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Color Services

 blonde/platinum touch up and full transformation Serviceswill be charged $110 hourly.Included in this price is everything needed to complete your service(s).A haircut or blow dry is included in the hourly charge.

Vivid and Corrective services are automatically set to 5 hours when booking.everything needed to achieve these services is absorbed  into the price. which includes, product, blow dry, and haircut. IF more time is needed for your service after 5 hours, it is $100 per each additional hour. 

All foiling, balayage, foliage, services(except a basic maintenance root touch up)
will be charged $100 hourly.


 What is cost of product?

Cost of product is calculated specifically only for your hair. Spellbound uses a special scale made to measure color. Every client has different goals, hair density, texture, and length. The scale is meant to be as completely fair as possible for the client and salon.

Examples of Service ApplicationTiming:

Hand Painted full or partial Balayage:
2.5-3.5 hours

For more "natural" and lived in look, with a few levels of lift.
Accent or face frame: 1-1.5 hours
Partial: 2-3.5 hours
Full: 3-4 hours
This does also include Baby Lights, Teasy lights, ETC

All foil services timing depends on the amount of hair and how much of a transformation the client is looking to have.
Full Lightening/Platinum Blonde Root Touch Up
3.5-5+ hours

Usually referred to as "double process" this does take time and patience. It is very dramatic and a 4-8 week touch up will need to be scheduled at the end of every appointment for maintenance. This is for those who want to go ultimately very light or are already very light and need their new growth "root" lightened.  


What is included in the hourly pricing?

All services include whatever would be needed to achieve desired result. This includes having enough time for gloss, root shadow, cut, blow dry, etc. 

Add Ons


Bang Trim - Complimentary

Long Haircut - $85+

Short Hair - $60+

Haircut No Blow Dry - $50

short unisex Cut - $35

Kids Cut Girls - $50+

Blow Dry - $45+

*All haircuts come with a blow dry unless stated otherwise*

If there are any questions in regards to pricing, please feel free to reach out to me!

* To book an extension appointment at Spellbound Salon you must have a consultation to determine technique, cost of hair, and color matching. Please call within 48 hours notice if you have to move your appointment.


Olapex - $50 (take home treatment included)
olaplex add on- $25
Add on conditioning treatment - $20
Conditioning treatment - $30
K18 treatment- $40



Weft Installation
$250 per row install + cost of hair

Weft Removal // Move Up
$160  per row

Tape-In Installation
$180  per bundle + cost of hair

Tape-In Adjustment/retape

Keratin Extension Installation
$800 + cost of hair

partial keratin extension installation
$480+cost of hair

Keratin Extension Removal
$100 per hour

Unfortunately, due liability reasons, Spellbound Salon will not install hair extensions that are not purchased by us. Thank you for understanding!

We accept all major credit cards and cash only. Cash is always preferred!

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